Run 2 York - Yorkshire 200 Series (East Yorkshire)

<p>Introducing the latest See York Run York virtual challenges, the Run 2 York - Yorkshire 200 Series.<br /> <br /> These challenges start on 1st May 2020.<br /> <br /> The series includes 4 individual mileage challenges. You can chose to take part in 1 or all 4 of the challenges and collect the set. If you <a href="">sign up for the full series </a> at the outset, you receive a 5 discount (please ensure you have selected the appropriate entry for the challenge you wish to enter).<br /> <br /> Each challenge starts from a different place in Yorkshire and the idea is to Run 2 York.<br /> <br /> There is a bespoke medal for each challenge.<br /> <br /> We have created a tracker for each of the challenges which will be e-mailed out to you once you sign up. You will need to track your own mileage and e-mail us once you have completed the mileage challenge. Emails must be sent to<br /> <br /> You are welcome to make up the miles in whatever way suits you - you may run them, cycle them, do a mix of both, walk, do indoor miles, garden miles etc. The challenge is yours and the choice is yours too.<br /> <br /> We will also be inviting you to share your posts in our See York Run York Facebook chat group so we can see how you are getting on and all runners can give each other support and a bit of motivation.<br /> <br /> There is no deadline to complete the challenge.</p>

Virtual £13.00

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