SYRY Interstellar - Save the Earth

This is a 9 day team event between 19th and 27th June 2021.

Enter as a 2, 3 or 4 person team and see who can log the most miles across the 9 days. This is an event that will provide some light-hearted competition between teams, while hopefully providing some motivation and enjoyment.

Decide your teams before you enter or if you don't have a team we will happily group people into teams. You don't need to physically run with your team members, so your teams can be spread across the county, across the country or even across countries or continents.

Everyone will receive a fabulous spinny medal and certificate showing how many miles their team logged and how many miles were logged across the whole event.

Day 9 on 27th June we will be holding an Interstellar Social Run for anyone who can come along. The SYRY Team will be at The Knavesmire in York between 10am and 2pm. Come along and say hello, eat cake, have a social run and collect your interstellar medal. I know who will be in my team - how do we enter?

Decide how many will be in your team (2,3 or 4 people). Decide what your Team Name will be. Each of you enters the event as you would normally, just try to remember to add your Team Name when you enter. But don't worry if you forget, we can sort this out for you.

I would love to take part but I don't have a team - what can I do?
Just enter the event as normal. We will create teams for anyone who doesn't have one. It's just a bit of fun and will hopefully give you the added incentive of being part of a team.

What miles can I count?
This is a running, walking or rowing challenge. Outdoor or indoor miles all count

Is there an age limit?
There is no age limit, so this can definitely be a family event

How do we log our miles?
You will log your miles into an On-line tracker on the Event Entry Web Site. This will then show your individual total as well as being able to show a team total and team leaderboard.

How will the Social event work on Day 9
We wanted to have an opportunity for people to meet up (within rules in place at the time) to run in a social group or groups. We will be on York Knavesmire between 10am and 2pm for anyone who wants to come along and say hello, finish their day 9 run by collecting their medal in person and we will have cake too. There are a variety of running routes available from York Knavesmire, so whether you want to run a couple of miles, 5k or 13 miles (or more), the aim is to group up with people looking to do the same distance/pace. We will coordinate this through our Facebook site.

Virtual £15.00

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