Elvington Flyer VIRTUAL

As the 2020 Elvington event has been cancelled and the 2021 event will have a completely new medal, we wanted to offer the opportunity to earn one of the fabulous 2020 medals virtually.

There are 2 distances available :
* 5 miles
* 10 miles

In addition, there is also a fun run option for anyone who would like to run 1 mile or more.<br

Once you have completed your run, please email confirmation to info@seeyorkrunyork.co.uk. Upon receipt of your e-mail, your medal will be posted out to you.

You are welcome to make up the miles in whatever way suits you - you may run them, walk them or both, do indoor miles, garden miles etc.

The choice is yours. All we ask is that you follow Government guidelines and keep safe.

There is no deadline to complete your run.

5 Mile Virtual £13.00

10 Mile Virtual £13.00

Virtual Fun Run £7.00

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