Terms & Conditions


By entering this event you declare that to the best of your knowledge you are medically fit to take part and that you enter entirely at your own risk

You agree that See York Run York (SYRY), host venues and/or sponsors shall not be liable for any incident, accident, injury, loss or damage suffered by you in or by reason of the event.

You confirm that where an affiliation reference is provided, that it relates to the entrant directly, and if found to be otherwise, risks disqualification from the event without refund.

You confirm that you are an amateur and meet the minimum of age requirements of the respective event.

Refunds, deferrals & Transfers

  • Refunds are not offered
  • Deferrals are allowed but strictly up to 7 days prior only (contact SYRY)
  • Transfers available online, but strictly up to 7 days prior only

Data Protection

Your details shall be provided to SYRY directly, for the purposes of safely staging, effectively managing and producing accurate results for the event.

Our website does not use client-side cookies. We do however use 'sessions', which are a server-side cookie. These are used purely during the 'session' in operation and are cleared once the browser window is closed off.

Some events (not all) use third parties for timing services. In such instances, relevant details may be shared via SYRY to the timing company.

See York Run York do not use your details for direct marketing, nor shall we share your details with any other third party, other than those third parties specifically required to effectively and safely manage an event.

Where you have subscribed to our newsletter, from time to time, we will send you details of future events, merchandise or offers that you may find of interest. You can ubsubscribe at any time.

If you have any questions relating to Data Protection, please email info@SeeYorkRunYork.co.uk

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