Here's a helpful list of FAQ's

How can I find out more about SYRY and the events you host?

All events are listed on our website event pages

Our main Facebook page

If you are interesting in finding out more information about potential events, see sneak previews of medal/venue information or want to just be part of the SYRY Community, join our Facebook Chat group.

How do I enter an event?

Follow the links on our web site or the event pages on ourFacebook pages.

These links will take you to the EventEntry system. It's a simple site with easy to follow instructions.

Can I enter on the day?

Race entries will close at midnight 7 days before the event. Entries are not taken on the day.

Your event is full, do you have a waiting list?

We don't maintain a waiting list, but we are happy for people to ask on the Facebook chat group if anyone has a place and can't take part. Transfers can then be managed directly between the 2 parties through our EventEntry system

I can no longer take part, can I get a refund or transfer to another event?

We don't offer refunds, but we are always happy to transfer you to another one of our races or you are welcome to transfer your entry to another runner. Transfers to another runner can be managed directly between the 2 parties through our EventEntry system. The deadline for transfers is 7 days before the event.

What happens if I have to cancel a race due to unforeseen circumstances?

We don't offer refunds, but we are always happy to transfer you to another one of our races or you are welcome to transfer your entry to another runner. Transfers to another runner can be managed directly between the 2 parties through our EventEntry system. The deadline for transfers is 7 days before the event.

Are events on Strava?

All our events are set up on Strava if Strava is your thing.

Can my family come along and spectate?

Spectators are always encouraged. Our events are low key friendly events with the minimal number of barriers and taped off areas. Just try to keep the finish area and drinks stations clear. Spectators are also welcome to try the cakes on offer

How old do people have to be to take part in a SYRY event?

You can enter your children at some of our events. Under 18 entrants must have an adult parent or guardian running with them at all time. You must also be aware that there are maximum permitted distances that anyone under 20 years old can run which could reduce the distance the adult parent or guardian is able to run. Children are not permitted to be left on their own at the start or on the route by an adult participating in one of our events.

We obtain our race permits from the Association of Running Clubs (ARC) and the maximum distances permitted to be run are as follows:

* Under 9's : 2km
* Under 11's : 3km
* Under 13's : 5km
* Under 15's : 6km
* Under 16's : 10km
* Under 17's : 16.1k
* Under 18's : 25km
* Under 20's : Up to marathon
* 20 years and over : No limit

Due to insurance requirements, we are not permitted to allow runners to run further than the distances stated.

Can I run with my dog?

Dogs are welcome at some of our events, where there is sufficient space and our race permit allows. Anyone running with a dog will be encouraged to start at the rear of the event and ensure that other competitors are not impeded by your dog. Check with the SYRY Team if you are not sure if you can run with your dog.

Can I run with a pushchair/buggy?

This will depend on the race venue and it is always best to check in advance. At some of our larger events, it would be difficult to guarantee the safety of other runners, but at smaller events where the course allows it, we are happy to allow people to run with a buggy as long as the infant is aged 6 months or over (for insurance reasons).

I am visually impaired, can I take part?

We welcome visually impaired runners. We would encourage anyone with a visual impairment to discuss details of the route in advance and feel comfortable that it is a suitable route for them to run with their guide.

I am entering with a running guide, does my guide need to register and pay?

Running guides need to be registered on our event entry system, but we will register them for free and they will appear on the official results. As long as the event doesn't sell out, the guide will receive the same medal and goodie bag as other runners

I would like to enter but require a running guide to assist me. Do you provide guides or know any running guides?

We would encourage anyone looking for a guide to join our Facebook Chat group as this will allow contact with other runners and previous guides/visually impaired competitors

Do you sell SYRY Merchandise?

We are only a small family run company, so don't have a huge budget to build up stocks of merchandise. We do have T-shirts and hoodies and buff style scarves available when we have stock.

When and where do I get my race number?

Numbers will always be handed out at Registration on the day of the race.

What is the time limit for the event?

Our fixed distance races (10k/5m etc) do not have a fixed cut off time and we are happy to cheer everyone over the line. Our challenge events are slightly different. They usually take place on a looped course, to start your final loop the clock must still be inside the challenge event time, so for a 6 hour challenge the clock must have 5.59.59 or less to allow you to start another lap. Anyone completing a loop after the cut off time will be asked to finish and collect their medal and goodie bag.

Where can I store my stuff while I am taking part?

We will provide a tent next to the finish line where you can leave your bags. We can't guarantee security, but bags will always be in full view of the finish area.

Will the course closed to the public?

No - we are only a small running team and the cost of closing roads/routes isn't possible. We ask runners to be courteous to anyone else using the route.

Can I use an iPod?

We do not endorse the use of I pods or similar devices as these always inhibit the ability to hear clear instructions from marshals. Bone conductor headphones are allowed

Do you provide tea/coffee?

Most of our events will have catering of some kind available. For events on the Knavesmire, hot food and drinks are available in the Hamilton Panthers clubhouse. Most of our other events will have a coffee van available.

What do I do if I get injured during the event?

You will never be very far away from a marshal so please let someone know you are stopping, so we don't spend hours looking for you when everyone has finished. If you need medical attention, please let someone know as we have first aid support at every race. We have a supply of ice packs available too, so if you have a minor injury, ask for a pack as it may stop it getting worse.

If I run 26.2 miles or more, will it count towards the 100 marathon Club total?

Absolutely! Our 6 hour challenge event races are published on the 100 Marathon Club website.

How do I find my finishing time and position?

Our chip timed events will have a live link to the results page available before the event starts. This will be shared on our Facebook Event Page; this means that friends/family can track your progress while you are running on multiple lap events. These will also show the final results after the event is finished.

Do you have an official photographer?

We are very lucky that one our team is a photographer. Although she can't attend all our events we will always have someone taking photos that can be shared for free after the event.

Where do I park?

This will be detailed on the event entry web site and clearly stated in the race instructions. Our events are held at different locations and parking will be different for each, but we always have parking close by.

What is the route?

The route will usually be loaded on Strava before the event and a map of the route will be available on the event Facebook page and also the race instructions.

What shoes should I wear?

This will depend on the event. Check the Event Facebook page in the run up to the event as this is where up to date information can be found and weather impacts will be notified.

Will there be loos?

There are loos at all of our events.

Will there be a shower available after the race?

This is different for different venues. Please check the event information or race briefing for information

What does it mean when you say you are a cupless event?

We will provide water, squash and coke, but ask that you bring along your own bottle or cup. There will be a table where you can keep your bottle/cup, if you carry a fold up cup we will refill it whenever you need a drink. Our aim is to remove as much plastic and waste from our events as possible.

What do you have on the feed station apart from drinks?

We always have a selection of sweets (Jelly Babies, shrimps, jelly beans etc.) as well as jaffa cakes and something salty such as crisps/pretzels/nuts

How many feed stations are there?

This is different at different locations. We aim to have an aid station every 2-3k. In hot weather we will have additional water available if the course allows us.

Can I leave my own drinks/food at the feed station?

Absolutely. There will be boxes on the table where you can leave drinks/food.

What are PB badges and when are they handed out?

We are very proud when people run a PB at one of our events. Anyone who runs a PB gets the chance to ring the PB bell and will get a PB badge that they can pin onto their medal ribbon as a memento. PBs only count for the overall distance run, so if you run a 5k PB during a 10k race that won't count unless you finish the 10k in a PB time too.

What do I get when I finish the event?

You will receive a gorgeous bespoke medal and a goody bag. Our goody bags are deconstructed to reduce packaging, but we never skimp on the goodies. We also provide a wide selection of seasonal cakes for all runners and supporters

I hear you have cakes available - do you provide diary free and gluten free options?

There will always be at least 2 gluten free and 2 dairy free options on the cake table, usually lots more.

How much are the cakes?

Cakes are complimentary, but we always have a charity box available if anyone would like to make a small donation.

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