Run 4 Brathay - Cycle 4 Brathay

I will be taking on the 10 in 10 marathon challenge on 14th May 2021, running 10 laps of Lake Windermere in 10 days. My husband, Jon will be taking part in the 262 cycling challenge on 10 July 2021, cycling 10 laps of Lake Windermere in just 24 hours.

The goal of both challenges is to raise much needed funds for the Brathay Trust. Brathay's mission is to improve the life chances of children, young people and families by inspiring them to engage positively in their communities. Brathay not only do vital work across the Lake District but also throughout the country, working with kids and families in need.

We are inviting you to help us raise vital funds for the Brathay Trust by taking part in our unique running and/or cycling challenge, Run 4 Brathay, Cycle 4 Brathay.

The challenge starts on 1st May 2021 and finishes on 31st July 2021. During this period, your goal is to complete any distance which is a combination of 2-6-2. If you wish, you may opt to cover 262 miles or kms within the 3 months. Alternatively, you may choose to go out and run or cycle 26.2 miles or km on a set date during the time period. If your kids wish to sign up, they may set themselves a goal of running or cycling 2.6 miles or km during May, June and July. You may run or cycle the distance or do a combination of both. These are just a few suggestions, the choice is completely up to you and you may be as creative as you wish.

All participants will receive a bespoke log slice medal.

You are all invited to share your chosen challenges and progress in the See York Run York Facebook Chat Group using the hashtags #run4brathay #cycle4brathay

We are looking forward to seeing how you get on. On behalf of Jon, I and the Brathay Trust, thank you for your continued support. Joni, See York Run York.

Virtual £11.00

Entries Closed

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