If at first you don't succeed.....

March 24, 2016

.....give up and eat a pasty!


I ummed and arghed about posting this particular blog.  Most people blog their successes, not their failures.  If I just posted my successes then my blog would probably be rather dull.  I think it is important to include my running lows too so people can see my full journey, not just the best bits!


This weekend was the weekend of the Gin Pit Marathon double.  I am not ambitious (stupid) enough to attempt a double marathon just yet (it is on my bucket list though) so I had booked to run the Gin Pit Marathon on the Saturday, with the idea of having the Sunday off to recover.  The Gin Pit Marathon includes the infamous "Bog of Doom" about 3 miles from the finish - sounded fun to me!


I had been ill the week before, full of cold, with stinking sinus pain.  I had rested up and naively thought I would be all fine for Saturday's run.  I just thought I would take it easy and I'd steadily plod around.


My hubby and most of my family had nagged me, telling me it would be stupid to run....but I am extremely stubborn and the more people tell me that I can't/shouldn't do something, then I'm even more determined to do it anyway to "prove them wrong!"


On the day of the race, the world appeared to be conspiring against me trying to prevent me running.  I was running with my dad and had to pick him up en route.  The motorway to my dad's was closed so I had to take a 25 minute detour.


My dad had run the race before and assured me he knew the way there.  He was extremely confident and even had a map so he could direct me!  Despite this, we still managed to get lost!  After a bit of guess work (lots of comments from my dad along the lines of "this road looks familiar" and "I think I remember this") and with thanks to Google maps, we managed to arrive at the race with about 15 minutes to spare - just enough time to register, pick up our numbers and for several trips to the loo (despite the number of races I've done, I still get so nervous before hand!)


Soon we were off, heading off along the trail roads around the Gin Pit Village.  It was all very scenic and I felt good.  The route initially went on road before heading back onto a trail/cycle path.  It was all rather lovely (scenic tree lined trails) and I was in good company.  I was running along with my dad and one of his running chums, Kevin who were relaying stories of their running antics.  This was great as it distracted me from the distance ahead.


At mile 8 (ish), we stopped briefly for water/sweets and then continued along the canal path towards the lovely village of Worsley and then headed along the canal towards the pit head.


Sadly, when reaching about 11 miles, I didn't feel so great.  I plodded on for another couple of miles but my pace slowed and I started to struggle.  I knew if I continued, it would be a long, painful journey to the finish so, with a small amount of persuasion from my dad, I decided to give up for the day.  I made it to the half way point, in actually quite a reasonable time and then me and my dad walked the two miles back to the start.


I was initially gutted and extremely disappointed with myself.  I felt like a complete failure. However, my dad put his positive spin on the situation and told me to see it as a good training run, rather than a failed attempt at a marathon!  It was a good but tough run with fab company.


Unfortunately, I didn't get any bling for the day but I made it back to the club house and was awarded with a hot pasty.  Perfect.


It just so happens that my moment of defeat was caught on camera (picture to the left) so the memory will live on forever.


I may not have succeeded this year, however, I will return next year to conquer the Gin Pit Marathon (and the Bog of Doom) and who knows, perhaps I will be brave enough to attempt the double.


My dad saw the Saturday as a training run and returned on the Sunday to complete the full marathon, managing to secure himself both a medal and another pasty!

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