A Reality Check

March 28, 2016

I have had (what I believe) to me many fabulous ideas over the years, new plans and business ideas but I've never been brave enough to take the leap of faith and turn one of these dreams into a reality....until now.


I am the first to admit that I was extremely naive at the outset and I was blinded by the excitement of actually set up my own business.  I didn't really think about what it actually entailed to get my dream up and running, as they say.


I even went to a meeting aimed at people setting up new businesses.  This was an eye opener as it broached subjects I hadn't even considered.  However, despite this, I remained enthusiastic and completely unprepared for the amount of work my project would involve!


Then the reality hit - I realised I didn't have the funds to pay a company to build a website or design a logo and I am not tech savvy in the slightest.


Then the doubts set in - yes, I run, but who would be interested in my running routes?  Would anyone even view my site?  Do I actually know enough about York to create a site aimed at tourists? Most importantly - where would I find the time?


My life is already extremely hectic.  I have a wonderful hubby, two crazy daughters (one teen and one "tween"), two nutty dogs (one with the attitude of a sulky teenager and the other acts like a hyper toddler).  Plus, I have a full time job, I'm always training for some marathon or other and I'm in the middle of decorating my home!  How on earth would I find the time to set up a website?


I have absolutely no idea how I have found the time, but somehow, squeezing in the odd hour every now and then, I am finally getting there, even if it is extremely slow going.


I have had many hiccups along the way.  I have also learned an awful lot - about my capabilities, my husband's patience, about York and thankfully about web design!


It has not been easy in the slightest and things have come to test me, such as the quirks of Picasa (I have used this for photo editing and storage).  Picasa appears to have the ability to easily confuse me - it seems to move and delete photos I have spent hours downloading and editing (it's definitely Picasa and not user error, honest!)  There's also the annoyances of using a new computer with a teeny, tiny keyboard (which seems to have a mind of its own).  There's also the glorious British weather - ever since I came up with the idea of a York based web site, it appears to have rained non stop. Yes, it rains in York, we are in the North of England so occasional rain can be expected but I didn't want gloomy pictures of grey skies and rain all over my web page as that would certainly not entice tourists to visit our beautiful (even if a little wet) City.


Anyhow, things have come to test and challenge me (I still have no idea how to upload photos onto my maps - something I need to learn asap), but with the support (and patience) of a loving family, I am (hopefully) almost ready to launch the first draft of my site. Yay!


At the end of the day, even if people are not interested in my site, I've actually got off my backside and done something I've dreamed of and I have had a lot of fun along the way (which is the main thing).  Plus, I've learnt the art of editing photos to hide the gloom of a rainy day in York!





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