Time to get fit.....

March 31, 2016

.....or perhaps not.


In just over a week's time it is the Greater Manchester Marathon.  My training has not been great as I've been poorly and I failed miserably at the Gin Pit Marathon the other week.  I wanted to turn it around and get a good time in Manchester as the course is apparently flat and fast!


At the moment, I mainly run and cycle.  I don't do any exercise classes or weights etc.  I used to dabble in yoga but it's hard to do yoga in my mad house - as soon as you bend down, Harvey (my dog), is there to lick your face and when you're taking deep breaths and trying to be calm and relaxed, this is always the point when my girls start fighting about something random like who ate the last of the popcorn!


However, I was inspired when watching The Good Wife to get off my bum and do some exercises.  Julianna Margulies (the main actress) has toned up and developed a six pack and what I call "yoga" arms.  Julianna is 10 years older than me so I have absolutely no excuse.  So up I got and decided to do some burpees (these are the latest things people appear to be doing as part of their fitness routine - it says so on Facebook).  I thought that with a few of these, a couple of star jumps and some planking, I'll be set.


Millie (my eldest), apparently does burpees at school as part of her PE classes so she started showing my what to do.  Well, all I can say is don't try burpees whilst wearing your PJs and no bra - it is way too dangerous and you could do yourself some serious damage!  I managed one, yes just one, burpee then gave up and went and consoled myself with a chocolate bar and a couple of marshmallows.  They are way too hard!  Since then I've managed a couple of press ups and I planked for about 30 seconds.  Go me!


Perhaps I won't be setting a PB at Manchester, but I'll have fun plodding around at my usual pace and I will certainly look forward to the goody bag at the end!


I'm off to get a cuppa and a sneaky biscuit! Cheers everyone!

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