Maps, maps - it's all about the maps!

April 25, 2016

Now, dwelling over maps was the last thing I ever thought I would spend my time worrying about but over the last few months this has consumed me!


For a running route based website, maps are the most crucial part of the site.  Lots of thought and deliberation has gone into the maps - which company should I use, what routes to use, what sights to put on each map and how on earth do you upload a photo onto a Google map?


I have spent many nights watching Youtube videos about the very subject - something I hope I never have to repeat (no lie, I've watched what feels like hundreds of videos in a variety of languages!)


I decided to keep it simple initially and have 3 main routes.  A classic route around York City Centre, showing off the main tourist sights; an extended route, (which is exactly what is says on the tin) following the classic route with some added extras for those who want to explore slightly further afield; and finally a riverside route.  I picked the final route as this used to be my regular running route and is simply one of my favourites.



I ran all the routes several times taking many, many photos - this was the easy bit.  Then followed the editing and uploading of the photos which has taken many a long night.


In the end I opted to use Google for my maps as it is a global site and is most widely known and used.  I have tried to keep the routes as simple as possible, following the main tourist routes (in the hope that no one gets lost).  I have drawn my routes on the map and added in various sights to see on each run.  Some points I have added are not major tourist sights, some are just quirky buildings that I believe are rather fabulous and unique to York.


I have added galleries of photographs showing off some of the wonderful places you can see on each route.  I have transferred some of these photographs onto the maps to make it easy to find where each of these were taken.


Please feel free to share the photos you have taken on route on my Facebook page as I would love to see these.


If anyone has any difficulties navigating the maps on my page, please feel free to message me your feedback via my contact page and I will see if my technical abilities are capable of making further tweaks!


Have fun and I hope you enjoy the routes created.

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