Four Seasons in One Week!

April 30, 2016

Seriously, what is happening with our weather this week?


A couple of years ago, if anyone were to ask me when the best time of the year is to visit York, I wouldn't have hesitated and would immediately have said spring and autumn.


Spring in York is beautiful; with the daffodils along the banks of the bar walls, the pink and white cherry blossom, even with the crazy geese and their baby goslings on the loose around the City.  Autumn is rather spectacular, with the changing colours of the trees, especially along the riverside and in the parks and gardens around the City.  Spring and autumn are usually mild with, dare I say it....a bit of sunshine and warmth!


This year has been oddly different.  We didn't really have a winter.  No really cold weather, no snow.  It was a bit of a non event really.  We managed a bit of rain, a couple of odd really cold days but mainly it was mild and a bit drizzly.


The daffodils sprung to life in February, rather than spring which was rather confusing and the trees have only just started to come into blossom over the last couple of weeks.


This last week though has been weird.  No lie, we've had hail, snow, rain, frost, freezing fog and the tinniest glimpse of sunshine.  I believe this freaky weather has affected the entire nation though.


You see, I am of the view that York has it's own micro climate, completely separate to the rest of the UK.  You know, like in the film The Truman Show where the entire city is under a dome and produces its own weather?!  I can see you now think I'm crazy.  However, there is perfect logic to my reasoning!


Often in York, we can have thick, freezing fog. I set off running to work in my winter gear and pack warm clothes for work.  On those same days, those who live out of York are sat in their gardens posting photos of themselves on Facebook having a beer and soaking up the sun.  I look out of my work window and can just see grey mist!


On other days, we can have gloriously crisp winter days, cold but with beautiful sun.  I manage to run to work no problem and then other staff call in saying they can't get into work as they are snowed in - they only live 20 miles away - how is this possible?  It's possible, due to our own special Truman Show style climate, that's how!


Here are some of the photos I have taken throughout the week.  Yes, that's right, all taken this week. 


But my absolute favourite thing about York's crazy micro climate is the amount of rainbows we get.  As my family will no doubt vouch for, I love rainbows and take hundreds and hundreds of photos of them (driving my family completely bonkers)!


Me: "Look, look, look at the rainbow guys."

Kids: "Yes mum, it's a rainbow!"

Me: "But look guys, it's a rainbow! So bright!" (taking lots of photos at the same time)

Kids: No reply

I turn around and everyone else has walked off!


You see - beautiful! 


PS: I kept typing freezing frog instead of fog - I know our climate is weird but we certainly do not have freezing frogs!  I apologise for any typos!



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