What are the Scores on the Doors, George Dawes?

May 9, 2016

Sorry, I couldn't resist the Shooting Stars reference!


Well, See York Run York was officially launched last week.  In my first week, the See York Run York Facebook page has gained 71 followers, the Instagram account is up to 28 followers but Twitter is slacking behind with 23 followers.


Word is slowly getting out there about my site - exciting times.  My personal Facebook page is full of friends and family members. I'm finding it really weird having followers on each site that I don't know - unfamiliar names and faces.  Although it is actually rather exciting to see where everyone is from and to find out how far word has spread.  Followers on Facebook are mainly local to me (mainly friends, family and friends of family and friends - thanks guys!).  On Twitter, my main followers are UK runners or running companies but on Instagram, my main followers are USA based runners and fitness folk!


Facebook for See York Run York is a slightly different get up to my personal Facebook account.  Not only does it tell you how many likes a post has, but it kindly informs you how many views it has had also.  


Funnily enough, my post which has been viewed the most times (with almost 700 views) is this one of the random goose on a wall!


I can't get to grips with Twitter at all.  I have a personal Twitter account but before this week, I had never actually tweeted!  I have been advised (possibly incorrectly), that Twitter is the best form of social media for sites such as mine (not if you don't know how to use it though)! Having received several lessons on how to use Twitter from my daughter, I have now tweeted posts, blogs and photos!  My learning for this week included "how to use hashtags" and "where to find the hashtag key on a mac computer"  Who said an old dog can't learn new tricks eh?


It will take a bit of time to build up a good following and I am so grateful to everyone who has liked and shared my pages and posts so far.


I must make an apology to Paul the weatherman from the BBC - I've sent several photos to him in the hope one of them gets a mention on the news!!!  I'll keep persisting until he gives in and gives See York Run York (or just my photo) a shout out!


Some really exciting news though....I've been contacted by the York Tourist board (Visit York) who would like to promote my page, so watch this space.  I can see an exciting future ahead!

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