Running with my Boys

May 10, 2016

Running is always more fun when accompanied by my two crazy dogs.


Harvey is our older dog, he's a border terrier and is now 5 years old.  He's like a tubby, little teddy bear. Loki is our youngster.  He is a patterdale and is now 3 years old.  Both have completely different personalities and have different running styles but both are absolutely bonkers in their own special way!


Loki certainly lives up to his name (Loki is name of the Norse God of Mischief).  I often wonder how he would have turned out if we called him something normal like Max or Sam?


Loki is extremely fast.  He can full on sprint (my pace) for about a mile, he then runs out of steam, does his business and will happily trot (his pace) for another couple of miles.  Loki has to be kept on his lead at all times - he is a curious fellow and will dart off without any warning often tripping me up with his lead.


Harvey, on the other hand, is extremely well trained and will run to heal off lead.  He also listens, will happily obey commands and responds well to bribes of food, whereas Loki has extremely selective hearing and if he is on the scent of a rabbit, duck, other dog or anything else that has taken his fancy then he will not respond to bribes of any nature.  Harvey is a plodder, just like me and will trot along side me for about 3 miles, stopping to sniff whenever he feels the urge!


Off lead, Loki will only return to me if we throw him a tennis ball.  When Loki is at full pelt, I cannot keep up with him, in fact I cannot get anywhere near him - he is so fast.


Harvey is a little strange....he won't chase tennis balls but he has a weird fetish for stones.  No joke.  Throw a stone for him and he'll hunt it down and bring it back.  Even if you throw stones into our local beck, he will jump in, head first until he finds the stone.  Absolute nutter!


Running with them both together can get a little crazy - Loki steams on ahead (pulling me behind him) whilst Harvey trots behind at his own pace, sniffing every blade of grass he passes.  I usually keep Harvey off lead when we run, otherwise I end up running sideways in a Loki/me/Harvey convoy!


A few weeks ago, I came up with the genius idea of cycling with Loki.  I've seen other people cycle alongside their dogs and they made it look so easy, well, they clearly weren't cycling with a Loki.  It all started well.  My husband was walking behind with Harvey, I went on ahead on my bike with Loki in tow (actually, I was being towed by Loki).  Things were going rather well and I was feeling rather smug, until Loki spotted something in a hedge and veered straight off the path into the undergrowth towards the hedge.  I managed to keep balanced for a few, short seconds before being pulled off my bike arm first by my manic dog.  I managed to cut and bruise both my legs.  I've still got the remains of the cut on my right knee!  Lesson learned - Loki and bikes do not mix so we'll stick to running!


I go out with my boys in my full running gear (comfortable shoes and support elsewhere are extremely important)!  Unfortunately, my running gear has very limited pockets, unless it is cold and I have a jacket on.  I end up with Harvey's lead around my neck, biscuits (bribery) in my only pocket in my running leggings, poo bags actually stuffed into my leggings and my phone is often tucked into my bra - it still takes me by surprise when my boobs vibrate mid run!


Here are a few pics of my fabulous, crazy boys.  I wouldn't have them any other way!




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