Manky Banana

May 17, 2016

Long distance runners have lots of gross stuff to endure; from black toenails to no toenails, from chafing to blisters.....the list is endless.  A surprising addition to my list of gross running encounters is now a manky banana!  Bananas are my go to recovery food after my morning run!


My trusted running bag had started to get a bit whiffy over the last week.  I went to investigate this morning.....perhaps there was a stinky sock lurking at the bottom of my bag. I must assure you that I do empty my bag every night and put any stinky laundry in the wash!


I put my hand in my bag and urgh.....mushy, manky, black banana, hidden in the depths of the back pocket of my bag and now all over my hand.  So gross and messy in fact that it had started leaking out of the bottom of my bag.  Mmmm, nice!


I'm actually surprised that I've not been followed by a swarm of fruit flies over the last few days....perhaps I have, but I just haven't noticed!


I've often wondered how I was so lucky to bag one of the window seats in the office.  Taking into account my sweet smelling, banana bag and the battered trainers I keep under my desk, I no longer think this is a coincidence.  I must apologise to my long suffering colleagues for what they may have had to endure over this last week.  I also apologise to any unfortunate people who I had to pass on my run home from work tonight - the cloud of stench which must have followed me home was probably severe enough to have caused choking and stinging to eyes to those I passed!


You will be glad to hear that my trusted backpack survived the ordeal and having been lovely washed, it is now out on the line drying and awaiting our next running adventures!


Once again, my sincere apologies to all who have been affected by my stinkiness over these last few days (weeks, months?!)




PS: autotext corrects manky to "manly" can say for sure that it was a manky banana, not a manly one!

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