Long overdue me time

May 25, 2016

Everyone is entitled to a recovery day after a tough, long run and on Monday I was treated to just that!


I had previously purchased a voucher from a discount website to the spa at Aldwark Manor (just on the outskirts of York) and chose to cash this in on Monday and treat both my hubby and I to a relaxing, kid free day.


Windermere Marathon was the previous day so what better way to treat my tired, aching limbs than to a relaxing spa day?


I had freaked out a little during Windermere Marathon - by the time I had hit mile 18, I had convinced myself that I had lost my right big toenail and kept on glancing down at my foot expecting to see blood pouring out of my trainer (completely gross I know - sorry) and I spent the remainder of the race wondering how I could disguise this at the spa the following day!  It did actually take me a while to build up the courage to peel my sock off as I am rather squeamish!  I am pleased to advise, that I was mistaken - my toenails were in tact and I was free to attend the spa without the fear of pure embarrassment!


Aldwark Manor is a Hotel and Golf Club to the north of York, set in beautiful grounds.


The spa is small but perfectly formed - comprising a pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and ice shower (if you are brave enough to give this a go).  There is also a small gym but I had no intention whatsoever of using any gym equipment - to be honest, I probably couldn't have, even if I had wanted to!


After several laps of the pool, my hubby and I chilled in the steam room and jacuzzi.  We were later joined in the pool by some extremely energetic ladies who danced away to an aqua zumba classed!  It looked good fun but I did not have the energy to join in - I was more than happy relaxing in the pool, listening to the crazy music!


After my fingers and toes had gone completely pruney, we were treated in the cafe/restaurant to a hot drink and a danish pastry.  Delicious.


For £10 - £12 for the two of us, I would definitely recommend.  You probably couldn't spend all day there unless you're into golf but it's good for a few hours of pure relaxation.  It is worth it for the lovely drive out into the country too!




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