Coach Eva!

June 5, 2016

I was accompanied on my run today by coach Eva, my youngest daughter!

Eva woke me up at the crack of dawn.  As you can see from the photo, my family have no sense of personal space!!

After dragging myself out of bed at an unearthly hour (well it was for a Sunday), we set off; me on foot, Eva on her bike.


Eva comes out with me every so often.  She actually makes a rather good coach, shouting motivational things at me such as "If you run faster, you will lose your mum", "Call yourself a runner, you're only jogging" and randomly cycling at top speed to make me sprint!  She seems to take great pleasure in making me work hard!


The plan was to run into York centre and get a couple of snaps of some of the sights and then run home.


Things didn't quite go to plan.  After about 10 minutes, Eva decided she was tired and started to walk.  We were stopping and starting from this point on.  I didn't mind though, it's good to spend some quality time with Eva - she is very good company and completely nuts like the rest of my family!


We eventually made it into town after being overtaken at several points by a lady pushing a pushchair!!


We made it up Fossgate and met with the small hill (i.e. the tiny bridge over the river Foss) Eva decided she had had enough and got off her bike and walked again.  I managed to get a couple of snaps in York but it was not what I had in mind.


We meandered back home along the cycle track, stopping off at the park on the way.


Sadly Eva had completely given up cycling by this point and she decided it was better for my health, if I pushed her whilst she sat on her bike.  According to Eva, running makes my arms flabby labby labby.  However, if I push her on her bike, my arms will become more toned and if I run whilst pushing Eva on her bike, this will make me even fitter!


We managed about 6 miles in all and with the stopping and starting, the stopping for pics and at the park we were out for over 90 minutes!  It was good fun and a fab way to start my day and hopefully, I will now have toned arms!


I got home and took out my boys for a walk whilst Eva put her feet up and chilled with a nice cool drink!  It's a hard life being a kid!


PS: I left Eva alone with my computer for 2 minutes and this is what she wrote.....


"Eva is my daughter and she is the most amazing girl I could ask for"




My gorgeous Eva!




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