Everything is Awesome!

July 21, 2016

And yes, I'm writing the title in tune with the Lego Movie theme tune (sorry if this now gets stuck in your head).


I have taken the brave decision of putting on a few guided running tours and today was launch day.....my booking page is up and ready and I've tweeted and posted about it all day.


No, I've not received any bookings yet but I've gained more followers and had more views on my webpage than I have in a while and it's all thanks to all my wonderful family and friends. They have spent the last few weeks re-tweeting and sharing my various posts, giving me second opinions regarding random things, such as the colour of t-shirts, the wording on my flyers and researching terms and conditions (thank you Sandra)!


Today has been a great day.  My bookings page is finalised.  I've ordered my tour guide tech t-shirts.  My flyers arrived and these have been delivered to the York Tourist Office and Up and Running to hand out to the good folk visiting York.  A delivery arrived from the generous guys at Minster FM with some supplies to put in my finisher goody bags.  I also had a chance meeting with the lovely Claire Robertson and her South Bank crew and they have come up with a genius idea to raise my company profile - by donating a free running tour as a raffle prize for the Bishy Road Summer Fair and in return, they'll put out some flyers/spread the word. Yay!


Thank you to all my friends and family for being so supportive. Thanks to my hubby for putting up with me stressing over all the tech issues, for helping me out when I had no clue what I was doing and for letting me spend our final pennies on flyers and t-shirts.


Big thanks to my two girls who have put up with me asking the question "Did you know....?" followed by some random fact I've learnt about York!  I've also dragged both of them separately around York showing them various hidden treasures and practicing my tour guide bit.  I'm sure Mill was just hoping to get a visit to Primark and Eva, a visit to the bakers and/or any other place that sells food.  At least they are brutally honest and have told me when my facts/information are "boring".  Be warned....it's your turn on Sunday Jon.


The guys and gals at Visit York were amazing this afternoon....full of info and advice.  If you ever visit York, make sure the Tourist office is your first port of call.


To finish off the day, Eva and I went on an explore around York where she showed me the amazing artwork she and her classmates created outside the Mansion House which is currently being renovated.  She kindly shared with me the facts she learned on her recent visit, for example...Did you know that a hidden leather shoe was discovered above one of the rooms in the Mansion House which apparently was used to ward off evil spirits!


I then treated Eva to a meal at Cosmo....the perfect dining experience for those who never get full (it's an all you can eat buffet).  Eva made a cracking attempt at clearing all the food in the restaurant and managed to scoff (no lie) 10 plates of food.  Some of her random meal selections included a mussel, a piece of jelly and a steak followed by a plate of watermelon, a chocolate mousse and a prawn cracker....if you don't believe me, see the photos below. Strange child.


Despite eating all this food, the first thing Eva asked when she got home..."What's for tea? I'm hungry!"


Thanks again to everyone for all their hard work in helping me get to where I am today.  I couldn't have made it this far without you guys.


Lots of hard work still to come but I'm having a great time in the process.  Thanks all xxx







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