August 30, 2016

Saturday was a one off "sports day" organised by ITV in an attempt to try and get people out of the house and being more active. I love stuff like this and had to get involved.


Loads of different sporting activities had been arranged throughout the country but of course, I was only interested in the running!!  Our local running event was arranged by Up and Running.


Now being a running tour guide you would probably expect me to be quite a social runner. Unfortunately not! I am not a member of a running club and given that my training is done to and from work, I tend to run alone (no-one else is mad enough to get up at 5 am to fit in a run before work!)


As I tend to run alone, I am not used to talking whilst running. Again, another skill needed when you are a running tour guide!!  Over my holidays, my husband has been joining me (on his bike) so I can practice nattering away while running. I'm not doing too bad - I'm fine at a slower pace but if I crank up the pace, I struggle to breathe, never mind talk!


I thought the Up and Running event would be perfect - a great social run where I can practice talking to lots of other runners.


On Saturday, I was all set and ran to the Up and Running shop (about 3 miles). I had expected quite a crowd so I got there a little early.....there were no crowds! Actually, there were no other runners around at all.  Thinking I had got the date/time wrong, I went in and introduced myself and then waited outside for the other runners to arrive.


After about a 10 minute wait, the chap (Andy) from Up and Running, decided we should head off. Apparently 9 runners registered to run....only I bothered to turn up!


Anyhow, it turned out to be a good run. We ran part of my riverside course, up to the Millennium Bridge and back, approximately 2.5 miles I believe. I managed to practice nattering away and running. Given that there was just the two of us and I did a lot of talking, I didn't actually do too bad!  I also picked up some tips about speed training (Andy may have struggled with my slow pace).


When we returned to the shop, I was given a little goody bag which contained a water bottle and training guide.  Not at all bad for a morning's run.


I then walked/ran the 3 mile back home feeling rather smug with myself that I had actually got up and ran whilst everyone else hadn't bothered to show!


I had tweeted about the event earlier in the day and I quickly received an acknowledgement message from several GB Olympic medalists! (OK, I know it was a generic email sent to everyone who tweeted their involvement but to anyone who asks me, I was personally congratulated by Adam Peaty, Joanna Rowsell Shand and Nicola Adams - thank you very much)!


On my run, I also learnt that Up and Running York have set up their own free running group - it's quite a new group and they meet up at their York shop on Mondays at 6 pm and go for a run of about 4 to 5 miles! I may well join them in the next couple weeks to try and get some more social runs in!


Overall, a fab idea and it's great if it got a few people up and out to exercise but if they do another, they need to advertise it better and get the word out there as I only stumbled across it accidentally on the Northern Running Guide website!



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