Stepping up my Game!

September 18, 2017

So, it's 5.35 am and I am sat at York Station.  Not only that, I ran over 3 miles to get here.


Am I going on an exotic trip away?  Sadly not.  Am I heading in to work?  Not just yet.


I am up super early to go to a “Body Pump” class at the gym before work!


Why, why, why?  I am currently asking myself the same question.


I recently started working in Huddersfield which is almost an hours train journey from York.  Like always in a new job, I spent my first week trying to find my feet and get into a routine.  My first week, also coincided with my kids’ first week back at school (and Eva’s first week at secondary school) so it was all pretty exciting and manic.  I was up early to French plait hair and then had to sort myself out and get over to the station to get the train.


I initially biked but being Autumn in Yorkshire, every time I got on my bike to cycle to work, the heavens would open and I would get absolutely soaked.  Not just a little wet, but a proper, full on biblical soaking – the sort of rain that makes it difficult to see when cycling.  I would be grumpy and miserable by the time I got to the station and I then had to endure the hours train ride being soaked through and smelling like wet dog.  Not the best first impression to make at a new firm!


A couple of times I managed to talk my hubby into giving me a lift to work, just so I could run home and avoid the hellish bike journey.


In the chaos at home, I did not have time to organise my meals so after arriving in Huddersfield, I would stop off at Sainsbury’s to pick up some food.  Did you know that they do delicious fresh made Danish pastries and at the moment, they are on offer at 90p for 2?  Well, after bypassing the fruit and veg aisle, I also discovered this and that would be my daily breakfast for my first week.


Limited running and Danish pastries is not the correct way to train for 10 marathons in 10 days so over the weekend, at the end of my first full week’s work in a month, I made the decision to join a local gym.


I am working as a locum so finding a gym that doesn’t have an annual membership was a bit tricky but I was lucky to find one just a few minutes from the office.


So last week was the start of my return to fitness/beat the holiday bulge/kick start to 10in10 plan!  Monday lunchtime (Monday is motivational day after all), I headed straight over to the gym and got signed up, no messing.  The next day, bright and early, I ran to the station, had my induction at 7 am followed by a mini workout, then a full day of work and then my run home.


Wednesday and Thursday I was able to do a full work out in the morning and run to and from the station which was great.  Fridays are slightly different as I can’t get into work early, so I return to the dreaded cycle but have to head straight to the office and skip the gym.  This did not deter me however, as I am brought in my swimming kit.  Those who know me, know that I hate swimming more than I do cycling.  I am not a strong swimmer, I don’t like water and I hate it being splashed in my face and eyes (yes, I am a bit of a wuss).  What I hate even more, is just the thought of being in a public pool.  My sister in law was a manager of a leisure centre and I have heard so many horror stories about public pools that I have been scarred for life.  Despite this, I was completely determined to have some sort of work out and swimming was the only thing I could really fit it.  I managed to swim 28 lengths which for an anti-swimmer, I was really happy with - I think the most I've managed previously is only 20.  I was hoping to make it 30 but there is a huge clock at the end of the pool reminding me on each length that my lunchtime is almost over so I panicked and returned to work (and had 10 minutes to spare).


I know full well, if I up my mileage in readiness of next year's 10 in 10 challenge, I will get injured and I am like a bear with a sore head if I can't run, so I am looking at alternative ways to train. I thought a class would motivate me and help with strengthening and toning!  This is the plan any way - lots of cross training to take the pressure off my little legs.


I am a bit apprehensive about this morning's class as it sounds rather scary but if I make it, I'm hoping to incorporate it into my weekly training!  Here goes......


A lovely photo of York station early morning - one of the benefits of getting up early!



Update - I made the class!  I had about 4 minutes to get to class from the station so I was a couple of minutes late.  It was rather intimidating going into a dark room with loud music and lots of people and obviously, the only available place is right at the front of the class - like being back at school but in a night club!


When I envisioned "Body Pump", I pictured using little hand weights and combing this with a few exercises.  Man, I was wrong - full on proper weights.  There were some lasses in there with weight lifting gloves etc.  I had no idea what was going on initially but tried to follow everyone else.  When the instructor changed each exercise, it took me a tad to follow what was going on but soon grasped it.  Lunges and squats were fine - I have strong legs and even with weights I could manage these.  What I struggled with were the arm exercises.  The other people in the class had these huge weights on the end of their poles and I had the starter ones and I still struggled.  I have such weak, little arms.  We were doing lifts and press ups and my little arms were shaking away.  It took a good few hours before the shakes wore off!


I had planned to go to the gym after but there was not a chance!


It was a great class for strengthening but it may well take a while for me to recover.  Not as fun as trampolining but I'm willing to give it another go, after my arms recover!  The things I do to get fit and to get me through this challenge eh?!


I always remind myself that all this hard work is for a good cause - we are raising money for the Brathay Trust.  For those wanting to read my story or wish to donate, please follow this link


Thanks everyone!


I'll keep you updated regarding my training and latest attempts to get fit!

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