Not the Greatest Start!

January 17, 2018


So, the Brathay training weekend has been and gone and I have now had time to digest lots of the information and advice provided!


I really enjoyed the training run and whilst I didn’t manage the full 26.2 miles, I had a good crack at 14 and felt I did a good job.  I felt strong and although my cough did give me a bit of jip, I finished what I had set out to do.


Sadly, after showering etc after the run, I felt a little twinge at the back of my ankle.  To be honest, it is not something I would normally worry about and I usually just run through little niggles and they generally go.  Given the mileage I tend to do, it is not uncommon for me to have the odd ache!  As there were physios on hand over the weekend, I asked about it.  Long story short – my calves are still tight and they are pulling on my Achilles.  If I increase my mileage without sorting it, it could cause a huge problem during the 10in10 and basically make it more painful than it needs to be or worse case scenario, I may not finish the challenge or even get to the start line!  The tightness is as a result of my glutes not working and firing properly so the bottom of my legs take all the strain and the camber and steep hills on the Windermere course, simply brought the problem to light!


I’ve been given some strengthening exercises to do daily and I’ve been advised to take a few weeks off running, to build up my glute strength and also advised to have regular deep tissue massages to try and break down the scar tissue around my Achilles – nice! (For those who have not yet experienced the joy of a sports massage, there is absolutely nothing relaxing about it - it hurts and usually brings tears of pain to my eyes and the occasional expletive from my mouth!)


Me being the stubborn fool that I am, I went out running yesterday on my normal commute to work.  I managed to reach just over a mile before I felt the dreaded tightening in my calves so I stopped and walked.  I would normally just walk it off a bit and then try and run, but as the physios at the training weekend have put the fear of God into me, I decided to just play it safe and walk the rest of the way to the station.


Having learnt my lesson, I ditched my planned lunchtime run.  However, as I didn’t have my purse and my husband was working, my only way home was to run so off I went again.  This time I managed about 1.5 miles which is an improvement but once again, the calf tightness returned and so I stopped and walked the remaining 2 miles home, yes, in the snow (man I was cold!)


So guys, I am finally going to listen to the physio and hang up my running shoes for a couple of weeks.  I am absolutely gutted.  The 10in10 challenge is looming and I feel like I should be out there, increasing my mileage, rather than resting.  I know the physios know what they are doing and their aim is to get me through the 10in10 in one piece but I am still disappointed.


So for now, I shall not be joining you on the streets of York or at the new Parkrun this weekend. I have my first sports massage booked and hopefully with the help of the massage, the strengthening exercises and a rest from running, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks stronger than ever.  On the plus side, it may give my body the chance to finally shift this cough as it is driving me absolutely insane!!


Happy running everyone and think of me when you’re knocking out the miles!


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