Chrimbo Bingo VIRTUAL

We know how much you like a bit of fun but also want to have that extra bit of motivation in December, so we are proud to launch See York Run York Chrimbo Bingo.

At the end of November you will receive your Chrimbo Bingo Card. You tick off each square by running that distance. You can set a goal right at the start; possibly complete a line or maybe even go for a full house or you could just aim to tick off as many squares as you possibly can. There are 16 squares in total and each line has 4 squares. The values on each line have been chosen so that everyone - no matter what their ability will be able to set an achievable goal.

You can run, walk or cycle (indoors or outdoors) - or a combination of all 3. You can choose each square in miles or kilometres and have a mix across all the squares. The idea is to have some fun and hopefully have that added motivation when the weather is challenging and there are so many distractions. As a reward you will receive a gorgeous large bespoke medal.

There is no requirement to provide any evidence and all medals and a little Christmas treat will be posted out during December to be received before Christmas.

The fun starts on 1st December 2020 and lasts until 31st December.

As with all our events, we invite you to share your progress in our See York Run York Facebook chat group so we can see how you are getting on and all runners can give each other support and a bit of motivation.

Virtual £13.00

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